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Tear Down The Flat Iron Fence

June 20, 2016

Picture idea of the day..

Get creative with your shots.

One thing to do is take a good look around the environment you are you shooting and look for objects that help enhance the scene and story you are trying to portray in your image.

If all else finds and you can't find anything to enhance the scene of your image than bring your own. In this pic I actually made my own fence to shoot through :). That's right I made a fence and created an image that I could call my own, an image that has never been created. In the city shooting through holes is a popular type of shot that adds flavor to many photographs.

As fast as these famous holes in the fences are found they are usually closed and repaired just as fast as their found. So if you are determined to get an iconic hole in the fence shot, just bring your own and let your imagination just do the rest.